The Fierce and Fast-Paced “Warrior II” Playlist

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II in Sanskrit) is one of my favorite yoga poses (click here to view).

It’s a strong, foundational pose with a really cool back story. According to legend, Virabhadra is the “name of a fierce warrior (an incarnation of Shiva) who has a thousand heads, eyes, and feet; wielding a thousand clubs, and wearing a tiger’s skin.” Pretty badass if you ask me.

The playlist I created is a salute to this strong, spiritual soldier. Each individual song has a steady and consistent beat (much like the physical foundation of this pose with both feet firmly rooted into the ground). And much like the strength of the outstretched arms in this pose, the playlist as a whole builds up its momentum, reaching it’s apex at “Alive” by Krewella.

What’s nice about this Spotify playlist is that it gets the heart rate going and serves as a reminder of the fighter within all of us. I often listen to this playlist while running because it forces me to focus on my breath and keeps me in the yogic mindset even when I’m off the mat.